Summer Hummer by Sue A. Spencer
A Bit Of Blue by Sue A. Spencer
Untitled by Sue A. Spencer
Images from My Reflecting Pool, watercolor and poetry by Sue A. Spencer


Images from My Reflecting Pool

By Sue A. Spencer


Since into each life a little rain must fall...

I'm both delighted and sometimes wary of the

Magnificent reflecting pool God created from my

little rain. It is pollution free, so it exquisitely

mirrors my soul, body, life-choices, yes, my very being,

In unrelenting flawless detail. Each pool-side

Visit yields serendipitous reflections of the

unveiled truth in my life. I'm certain my pool,

maintained by a host of apprentice guardian angels

Is overseen by the pristine dove, Holy Spirit

I give thanks to God who cradles my pool in the

palm of His Hand.  It is JOYOUS to remember: 'Nothing can

separate us from the love of God!'  Romans 8:39



Local watercolor artist Sue A. Spencer recently held an art exhibit and sale.  Sue was catastrophically injured in an automobile accident. Sue wrote the following narrative as part of her artist statement:


During a week-long coma, and Conversation with God, Sue chose to return to earth and to tell her toddler granddaughter about CHRIST; and use her gifts to "further God's Kingdom on earth." Having survived an auto/ semi crash, she awakened to a prosthetic dominate left shoulder and arm, left sided blindness, and traumatic brain injury.  The good news is she was blessed with the capacity to learn to watercolor paint, which she now shares with the world.  Poetry also flows from her pen, as a gift from God! This reflects her love for GOD and all HIS Creation.  That toddler granddaughter changed her major form special education to pre-law at MSU in hope of "changing laws that govern "special needs" clients, Grandma!"  Sue is profoundly glad she chose to return to earth! Her world reflects her love of Nature and beauty.



The Celtic Maze pattern symbolizes the journey of life and the path of experience, & learning.  It symbolizes that there are twists, and turns, the challenges and obstacles in life, but that there are always open doors.

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