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Link to Michigan Occupational Therapy Association's website for current legislative / advocacy information related to OT and patients we serve:



Link to Brain Injury Association's website related to auto no-fault insurance, Sports Concussion Law, Michigan Brain Injury Act, and Blood Alcohol Legal Limit increase:


Current bills relevant to Occupational Therapy and Those we Serve


SB 395 provides tax credit for accessibility home mods for aging in place and or for disability.

YES on SB 395



SB 248 caps reimbursement at 150% rate of Medicare; denies coverage for any product or service not covered by Medicare; applies to all injured victims / will apply to all patients already receiving auto no fault benefits. NO on SB 248



SB 288 caps reimbursement for non-life-threatening injuries at $25,000 and caps reimbursement of “critical care” injuries at $250,000 to “stabilize the person’s life.” NO on SB 288


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Bill tracker / follow status of bill through Michigan legislative process


Lobby Day 2016


Lobby Day. On April 21, 2016 I participated in my discipline’s state association – Michigan Occupational Therapy Association’s Lobby Day in Lansing with OT colleagues and students.

I had the please and opportunity to meet with my State Representative Tom Cochran, the State Representative for the district of my OT private practice Representative Andy Schor, as well as staff of my State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. 

I advocated for our patients and our profession, on issues of rules and regulations for OT licensure (advocating for continuing education requirements for OT), as well as discussion on specific legislation to express my support of SB 395 (which provides tax credit for accessibility home mods for aging in place and or for disability), and my opposition to SB 248 and SB 288, both of which gut the auto no fault benefits to injured persons, with no guaranteed reduction of rates.


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