O'Connor Occupational Therapy

Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Catastrophic Orthopedic Injuries


Individualized evaluations, and functional strength-based approach that incorporates the person's priorities and choice in individualized, goal-directed treatment for functional solutions addressing the following areas:


Activities of Daily Living / Self Care for increasing independence with self-care tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing and medication management through increased strength, coordination and implementation of compensatory strategies.


Home Evaluations for durable medical equipment, assistive technology, and home modification recommendations for safety, accessibility, and functional independence, with coordination with vendors and contractors who specialize in accessibility. O'Connor successfully completed the requirements established by the National Association of Home Builders and is designated a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist ("CAPS").  


Cognitive Rehabilitation addressing primary areas of attention, memory, organization, initiation, and problem solving through skill development and implementation of low-tech and high-tech compensatory strategies, to assist individuals and families to increase success and independence at home, school, work, and community.


Upper extremity functioning from a Biomechanical and Neurodevelopmental treatment approach with participation in national research addressing evidence based outcomes of fine motor coordination training.  Occupational Therapy treatment goals in this area may include increased functional use of the upper extremity at self-care, mobility, home management, leisure, and school / vocational tasks.


Pre-Driver Evaluations through use of a thorough, standardized occupational therapy assessment of cognitive, perceptual, behavioral, and sensory skills and abilities related to driving prior to participating in an on-the-road driver evaluation; Services include opportunities for active passenger / navigation activities to increase preparedness for safe return to driving. 


Academic support for skill development and implementation of strategies for attention, memory, and organization for classroom and on-line coursework.  OT services include resource development to utilize natural supports of the academic environment including tutorial services and advocacy for 504 Plan accommodations.


Vocational skill development with assistance to prepare for return to pre-injury employment through adaptations as needed, and exploration of new vocational pursuits including development of work skills, resume writing, career interest surveys, job interview training, and volunteer work experience development. OT services available include coordination with prospective employers for placement and on the job accommodations, as well as interventions and strategies to successfully maintain employment when person is facing job jeopardy.


Ergonomic evaluations individualized in the home or work setting to provide task analysis of work flow and assessment of the work station with education and information provided for energy conservation, work simplification, and reduced risk of repetitive / cumulative work-related injury. Resource information available includes guidelines provided by U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


The Celtic Maze pattern symbolizes the journey of life and the path of experience, & learning.  It symbolizes that there are twists, and turns, the challenges and obstacles in life, but that there are always open doors.

O’Connor Occupational Therapy Opens Doors to opportunities for individuals to live safely and independently in their community through RehabilitationEducation, and Adaptation.

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