Modified Yoga OT Group

O’Connor OT enthusiastically welcomes Tori Sparks!

Tori Sparks, COTA/L, 200-hour intuitive yoga instructor; B.S. Exercise Science

O'Connor Occupational Therapy Services is enthusiastic to welcome Tori Sparks, COTAL to offer adapted / modified yoga as physical fitness / movement and cognitive rehabilitation via mindfulness exercise.



  • Modified yoga as cognitive exercise in attention, to listen to verbal and demonstrated instructions, following directions, opportunity to activate visual spatial and visual perception processing areas of the brain.



  • Modified yoga poses as gross motor exercise to stabilize core / stabilize proximal joints for improved gross and fine motor coordination, to improve range of motion (movement); Movement, weight bearing and isometric muscle contraction to increase muscle strength for increased activity tolerance/endurance, as means of general fitness / conditioning, and work hardening; Proprioceptive sense (awareness of body in space); Vestibular sense (standing balance and sitting balance).  


  • Modified yoga with patient education on breath support / awareness of breathing (which supports respiratory system, speech production), and breathing for self-control/ for relaxation / to reduce stress and reduce anxiety.


  • Modified yoga with mindfulness in yoga practice to support improved focus (attention, concentration), and relaxation to help to manage pain and decrease anxiety.


  • Intentionally scheduled as outpatient OT to increase commitment and increase accountability to exercise in effort to form healthy habits.


  • COTA consultation with patient as review and reinforcement of patient's use of community-based gym / fitness center to assist in establishing an appropriate exercise program per patient fitness goals; Develop opportunities for positive social interactions, role model of and opportunity to practice communication and social skills and to create structure / productive use of time.



O'Connor Occupational Therapy, inside Old Town Medical Arts Building, 1106 North Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48906


  • Yoga mat will be provided.
  • Plan to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing (as you would for exercise / “gym clothes”) to allow movement. Locker room is available to change clothes (adjacent to yoga studio).
  • Modified Yoga OT Group is closed group for patients of O’Connor OT. Patient’s family member, caregiver / transporter is welcome and encouraged to participate free / no charge.





O'Connor Occupational Therapy, inside Old Town Medical Arts Building, 1106 North Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48906



O’Connor Occupational Therapy Services

Old Town Medical Arts Building

1106 North Cedar Street
Lansing, MI 48906

Old Town Medical Arts Building is located in the former Cedar Street School,
On Cedar Street, just south of Grand River Avenue (Directly across Cedar Street from Preuss Pets).


Parking lot entrance from Maple Street (access from Cedar or Larch).


O'Connor OT is on the 3rd (top) floor of the building (stairs or elevator access).  Follow the terrazzo floor to our office.


Location / Directions via this link

O'Connor Occupational Therapy, inside Old Town Medical Arts Building, 1106 North Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48906

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