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Emily Runyan, Eastern Michigan University


O’Connor Occupational Therapy is proud to support the education of clinicians by providing fieldwork placements for Master of Occupational Therapy Students, to contribute to student’s education, and to increase means and methods to provide OT to the patients and families we serve.


Welcome Emily Runyan!



Emily Runyan, Eastern Michigan University

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Runyan and I am currently a student at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) working towards my Master of Occupational Therapy degree, with projected graduation in August 2019. Along the way I have achieved my minor in health administration. I am extremely excited and grateful that O’Connor Therapy Services has given me this opportunity as a student for my second level II fieldwork placement.


I have had the opportunity to discover and explore many occupational therapy settings through my level I fieldwork placements. My first placement was in the Toledo Public School system. My second placement was at The University of Toledo Medical Center in acute care, mainly the orthopedic floor. I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced environment and learned how important it is for us as occupational therapists to advocate for the patient and help the patient be their own biggest advocate. My last level I placement was at Huron Valley PACE. The PACE model focuses on helping the aging population stay successfully living in the community. I was able to work with many different disciplines in this placement which was a valuable experience.


I just recently ended my first level II experience. I was at Michigan Medicine’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Center for 12 weeks working in the neurorehabilitation program. I specifically worked with children who had neurological changes occur in their life including TBI, brain tumors, stroke, Functional Neurological Disorder, encephalopathy, and many rare neurological diseases. I was able to advance my ability and skills in performing evaluations, assessments, and particularly creating unique skill-based interventions.


In addition to my fieldwork experiences I am a volunteer on a research study team at Michigan Medicine focused on fall risk in aging adults with Cirrhosis with the team’s intention to create an occupation-based intervention plan to reduce the risk of falls in this population. I have been involved with data collection by performing various tests with participants including vision, balance, reaction time tests and more. Participating in this has grown my appreciation for research and understanding the important role it plays in occupational therapy.


I am looking forward to my experience here at O’Connor Therapy Services and am excited to learn, grow and hopefully help make a difference in others’ lives in the home health occupational therapy setting.



517-881-1302 michael@oconnorot.com

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